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Valley Children's Hospital - Infrastructure

The Valley Children's Hospital Infrastructure Project was a comprehensive initiative aimed at elevating the hospital's facilities and accessibility. The project encompassed the construction of new roads and a dedicated staff parking lot, along with extensive grading work that included the removal of a storm drain ditch system from Children’s Blvd. To enhance the hospital’s foundational framework, water, sewer, and storm drain lines were extended to accommodate prospective projects. New underground lines and access boxes were installed to facilitate utility services incorporating PG&E, AT&T, and Comcast. A significant aspect of the project was the installation of a comprehensive "Campus Encompassing" Private Fiber Loop. Strategically designed for future expansion, this fiber loop provided the hospital with the capability to seamlessly extend its communication network to any upcoming developments. Additionally, the project embraced a holistic approach to infrastructure enhancement, featuring the installation of streetlights, directional and traffic signage. The landscape was enriched with amenities such as benches, picnic tables, and state-of-the art facilities like Cell Phone and EV Charging Stations, contributing significantly to the creation of an improved and sustainable hospital environment.


Madera, CA

Project team

Civil Engineer: O'Dell Engineers